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Annealing (Full Annealing, Stress-Relief Annealing, Spheroidizing Annealing)

By maximizing the technology and know-how that Toho Annealing has explored and cultivated, our proprietary annealing technology has been developed considering all aspects through the preprocessing stage of cold or hot forging towards surface processing after annealing. It therefore allows us to provide permanent high-quality annealing technology.

From Product Development to Product Completion


Quality Check after Annealing

We impose very strict quality checks in order to provide high-quality products.

Other Business

●Consultation related to the labor environment and manufacturing facilities in the annealing process.

●Technology Support of Annealing.

Our Mission

Toho Annealing’s innovative thinking enables us to change the conventional ‘Annealing’ through the generations. We aggressively challenge ourselves through creative innovation, and by building on lessons from the past.

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