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About Toho Shouton Co., Ltd.

We started as an annealing manufacturer of general mild steel wire in January 1967. Then, during Japan’s high-growth period, in response to the demand for high-intensity building materials/automotive components, etc., the softening of the strength of steel was required without changing the prescribed steel components in order to manufacture easily. We therefore developed a proprietary method of Atmosphere Control Technology and Heat Pattern for softening by decarburization/carburizing prevention in heat treatment. As an extension of this technology, we also started the heat treatment of special steel and pressed/forging products, and currently handle the heat treatment of non-metal products as well.

Company Profile

Name of Companye Toho Shouton Co., Ltd.
Representative Yoshihiko Nishida, President
Address 12-12 Nanso-cho, Higashi-Osaka city, Osaka 579-8024 Japan
Telephone +81-72-984-4616
Fax +81-72-981-8547
Capital JPY10,000,000
Number of Employees 20
Established on January 1967
Business Annealing and Normalizing of Iron wire and Steels

Important Milestones

Jan 1967
Started as an annealing manufacturer of general mild steel wire
O Furnace installed
Electric Furnace with use of Atmosphere Gas installed
A Furnace installed
B Furnace with use of RX Gas atmosphere installed
Full Gasification of O Furnace realized by Osaka Gas,
RX Gas generator replaced for upgrading
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