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Privacy Policy

We fully understand the importance of protecting personal information, and observe all applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy protection. We also understand that personal information is not an asset of our company but belongs to the customers, and the management and all staff are duly reminded of this on a routine basis. We endeavor to fulfill the following items as basic principles of privacy policy:

  1. Collection/Usage/Provision of Personal Information
  2. We keep the collection/usage/provision of the personal information at a minimum for appropriate usage in order to execute the operations. In the case of collecting personal information, we clearly mention the purpose and will not disclose nor provide to third parties without the customers’ consent.

  3. Security of Personal Information
  4. We assure the safety and accuracy of personal information.  We deploy sufficient safety measures while analyzing risks such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc., to all personal information.

  5. Compliance with Regulations and Guidelines
  6. We duly comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and the other guidelines.

  7. Establishment of Compliance Program and Continuous Improvement

We have established appropriate regulations, rules, and a code of conduct to handle personal information properly, and have thereby developed a compliance program related to personal information protection. We assure the execution this program with absolute certainty and improve continuously by conducting audits and reviews for its operation.

We keep everyone informed about this policy and disclose it on our website.


November 21, 2007

Toho Shouton Co., Ltd.
Yoshihiko Nishida

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