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All the furnaces are Batch type Crucible Furnace dividing in 3 types of A, B & O based on heat source and control method.

  A Furnace B Furnace O Furnace
Cardinal Number 2 2 2
Heat Source Utility Gas (13A) Utility Gas (13A) Utility Gas (13A)
Operating Temperature Limit 500-700℃
Atmosphere Gas N2 N2,RX None (Atmosphere Annealing)
Program Control Available Available Not Applicable
Amount of Throughput 6-10t 6-12t 3-5t


Testing Equipment

Hardness Tester

Tennsile Tester(200kN)

Tennsile Tester(50kN)


Furnace Process

Do you know about "Annealing"?
Please take a look at our furnace process.
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Furnace Process
Furnace Process
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